Policing and Community Safety

The Society is conscious that feeling safe is key contributor to a dynamic and sustainable community. W9W2 is a dynamic area close to the heart of a major city which contributes to its appeal. The Society works closely with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to make the concept of neighbourhood policing work for our residents, working closely with the Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs), Paul Reading (Little Venice) and Jason Emmett (Maida Vale).

In turn, one of the ways the community is really able to help DWO’s is through the formation of Neighbourhood Watches both as a deterrent in itself and also to provide a network of individual who can provide information to the DWO. For example, useful information for the DWO is if you see people regularly behaving suspiciously. Description of the time of day, clothing, ethnicity, age, and location help them follow up appropriately. Another example is a bogus house caller.

For crime in progress, do not put yourself at risk but try and call 999. If for example you see someone attempting to break into cars, a description of the clothing is a great help if they have moved away by the time the response car reaches there. If you find a crime has been carried out but the perpetrator has gone, call 101- for instance your car has been broken into.

A Safer City for All Londoners

March 2017

Yesterday, the Mayor and I launched the Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021 – “A Safer City for All Londoners”…

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