Maida Unveiled

By way of background, the Paddington Waterways & Maida Vale Society – often shortened to Paddington & Maida Vale, – is the local, non-partisan community body that is charged by WCC with working to enhance the residential Amenity of an area that covers from Praed Street in the south, and so includes Paddington Central, to Kilburn Park Road in the North, and extends from the Harrow Road in the West to the Edgware Road in the East.

We see this Magazine as an extension of that. Celebrating and reflecting on our area so we neither take it for granted nor become too complacent with the current situation.

Maida Unveiled Autumn/Winter 2021

A note from the editors
Welcome to the 6th issue of Maida Unveiled. We have been very lucky to have another article from local journalist and committee member Robert Bruce. Robert has written the feature on artist Lucian Freud, and was very kind to procure the rights to the paintings shown both of the front cover and within the article.

Ben Okri OBE was very kind to agree to be interviewed by editor Alice, read all about Ben’s view of our local area in the 60 second interview.

Finally we have some amazing recipesprovided to us by local Chef Jen and an interesting reptile looking for love in the lonely pet column.

If you would like a hard copy of our issue, please pop over to DHIGS on formosa street to pick up a ‘priceless’ copy.

Warmest wishes, Editors: Alice Sinclair and Julia Wilson

Download Maida Unveiled Autumn Winter 2021 (PDF) here

Maida Unveiled Spring/Summer 2021

A note from the editors
We are proud to present the 5th version of Maida Unveiled, this is a special issue, focussing on a range of different local topics. In particular the artist Edward Ardizzone, we were fortunate to be granted the photo copy write to use some of his beautiful illustrations in our magazine. 

We also have ‘ priceless’ copies of Maida Unveiled in hard print. These can be collected from the magazine rack in DHIGS (on Formosa street), or just ask over the counter. 

PWMVS hopes to continue to build the level of appreciation for the things that make our area special and also some of the opportunities we have to make the area even more varied and welcoming to a wide range of residents, visitors and businesses. We hope you enjoy this very special publication. 

Best Wishes, Editors Alice Sinclair and Julia Wilson. 

Download Maida Unveiled Spring Summer 2021 (PDF) here

Maida Unveiled Autumn/Winter 2020/21

A note from the editors
Welcome to our 2020 Autumn Winter edition of Maida Unveiled. It is a special issue as we have held a particular focus on small local businesses. We have chosen to stray from the usual front cover and have created a mosaic of local small business logos! It is so important to support them during these times, so we will be able to continue to enjoy their services once normal life resumes! We have also included a section on anniversaries as it the 200th year since the Regents canal was built and the 125th year of Paddington Recreation ground. We have updates on the latest from the local W9W2 covid response and we are delighted to hear from the Mosaic community trust and the paddington food bank.We will be printing a hard copy as soon as the print shop re-opens. The best place to pick one up if you don’t receive one is Dhigs on Formosa street,

Many Thanks,

Alice Sinclair and Julia Wilson.

Download Maida Unveiled Autumn/Winter 2020/21 (PDF) here.

Maida Unveiled Spring/Summer 2020

A note from the editors
We are delighted to bring you our third issue of Maida Unveiled. It is a special online issue- much larger than the first two editions. Given the unprecedented circumstances; it is (almost) entirely focused on the community response to COVID-19.We have included, information on what our volunteers have been achieving. Inside is official commendation by HM Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London. We also took a look at some of our celebrated local artists. Finally there are updates from The Chair Of the Society, and our local MP and Little Venice councillors.  A special thanks to all our contributors, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed the preparation.

Many Thanks,

Alice Sinclair and Julia Wilson.

Download Maida Unveiled Spring/Summer 2020 (PDF) here.

Maida Unveiled Autumn/Winter 2019

A note from the editors, Alice and Julia.
We are really very excited to have finally brought to print the Autumn/Winter version of Maida Unveiled. In particular the topical and feminist theme of ‘The Women of Maida, past and present’. Please do reach out to us (soon) for the Spring/Summer issue if you would like to write a contributing article, or provide a photo or two to feature.
Email: [email protected] 

Many Thanks, Alice and Julia. 

Download Maida Unveiled Autumn/Winter 2019 (PDF) here.

Maida Unveiled Spring/Summer 2019

A note from the editors, Alice and Julia.
We are very excited to introduce Maida Unveiled, the first edition of the magazine which takes a look at local history, meets some of our well known residents, with updates from our local Councillors, plus some cooking inspiration.

For Maida Unveiled to fully reflect the demographic of the area, we invite any local contributions for our Autumn/Winter edition.
Email: [email protected] 

Many thanks and enjoy the read.

Download Maida Unveiled (PDF) here.